Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Do they do this on purpose?

How many times have the Habs let a goal sneak in with under 20 seconds to go forcing overtime? I mean my goodness, I think I am going to have to send my massage therapy bill to the Canadiens for all the undue stress they have caused me! We are supposed to be impartial but I cant help but hope for the win especially with a 4-3 lead on the Leafs. Those late goals are just killers but I have to confess, I love overtime and most of the time I love the shootout. I am sure all the hockey purists are groaning out loud but I can't help it I love seeing the different moves especially when I am expecting something and they do something else. Perfect example; Alex Kovalev last night. I thought for sure he would pull some kind of deke and instead he roof s a beautiful shot over Toskala.
Feelings on OT and shootouts??

Also as the holidays are approaching I am in desperate need of a new book to read. Its so hard to choose books, I get way too overwhelmed in bookstores and every good book I have read is from a recommendation. So, here are mine for you:
BEST easy reading: The Curious incident of the Dog in the Nighttime by: Mark Haddon or Save Karyn By Karyn Bosnak

Just damn good books:
The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver
Papillion by Henri Charriere
Life of Pi by Yann Martel (read it quick before they make it into a movie!!)

OK thats all you get for now! Send me in your top pics. Im also a bit of a movie snob so I will be putting together a list of must-sees that you can check out on vacation!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I have been relegated to: 'Sister to Myshka'. - Myshka is a dog.

Has anyone else's parents inched closer to insanity with retirement or is it just mine? I was met at my parents house this weekend with a cry of "Myshkaaaaa! Your sisters are here" Which would not be all that strange except for the fact that Myshka is a Black Lab/Rottweiler who has somehow usurped my sister and I as my parents favorite child.

It was a wonderful long weekend on the heels of a week rife with discussion of Hall of Fame entries and who should and should not go into the Hall. To be honest I have a hard time when we talk about the Hall of Fame because more often than not the contenders are a little before my time and I did not see them play with my own eyes. All I have to go on is usually whatever is on the record about the possible inductees, and as I have realized over the past few years is that, at times the pundits get it wrong. This I do know however; the HOF should be reserved for those that were way out in front of the rest in the era they played. Not great player, hell of a guy etc etc but the truly exceptional. Otherwise why bother. I think Mitch put it best when he said something along the lines of - "If there is a debate over whether or not they go in, you have your answer." I like the simplicity of this rationalization. It reminds me of another story making the headlines this week; What is the future of Jim Pop as head coach of the Alouettes.

All knowing (with curiously svelte legs) Herb Zurkowsky wrote in the Gazette today that Owner Robert Wetenhall has plans to meet with three offensive veterans: Ben Cahoon, Bryan Chiu and Kerry Watkins about the strengths and weaknesses of Popp, the team's general manager and head coach. I think if it gets to the point where there appears to be so many malcontents on the team that the owner needs input from the players to try and get the real story.... you already have your answer. I hate to qualify an opinion but I will say that I respect everything that Jim Pop has done as a GM with the Als and he has never been anything but friendly and forthcoming with me, however I do not think having a GM as Coach is ever really a good idea. In some cases it works but I think there is a conflict of interest there that can have a disastrous outcome on the club. That being said, we must remember the Als were dealt a few significant blows this season, not the least of which being the injury/D-listing of Tim Strickland and Anthony Calvillo making the absolute right decision by leaving to be with his sick wife. So the Als will not win the Grey Cup- but who cares? The Habs are going to win the cup!