Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Computer problems??

I have not had a chance to mention this yet however I had these amazing dudes come over and fix my new/second-hand computer and have never had such a great, frustration-free experience with computer techs. If any of you out there need some help at home, they are 2 young entrepreneurs that know. their. shit. Check out The main guys name it Mitchell Polsky and his number is 514-295-8373. He will sort you out!

Now back to Habs, had a great time working the game last night and got a much better show than I think anyone expected. Sergie Kostitsyn was unbelievable, and imagin what could happen if he starts shooting instead of passing! Its really difficult to think of the potential of this team if they continue to keep it simple and play the system that seems to be working for them. I get the impression that they have out the blinders on some of the players media-wise, which although it sucks for us might be a great idea. Lately it is pretty slim pickins when they open up the locker room doors so there could be some players that are being kept out of the media spotlight.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Friken ICE.

So I came to work in my car today and I am going home on foot. Why you ask? Because once again, through no fault of my own my car is damaged. Get this: Ice fell off the roof in the back of THE TEAM 990 building and just happened to hit MY car and crash through my back window. Lovely no? Its official. My car is cursed.

Anyhoo, more importantly I had my first interview in french this weekend on Radio- Canada for International Womens Day! It was super fun and I think (hope) I held my own so a big thanks to Jason Cavallaro and Alexandre Coupal for thinking of me and inviting me on to their Satellite show!

The week off was wonderful, got to see some family, go snowboarding and watch A LOT of Dexter. Check it out if you are hard up for some good TV.

I'll write more soon with all me awards selections. One I don't have to think about is rookie of the year who I think has to be Patrick Kane.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Habs reporters have a collective heart attack

Marian Hossa is going to Pittsburgh. There was a ripple of excitement here as his name was mentioned on TSN followed by a mixture of disappointment, excitement and indifference-(from the camera men :)) when the destination was announced.

Should be interesting to see what will fall after this one went through as Hossa was no doubt a first choice for many who will now move on to the other irons in the fire.

Hossa and Pascal Dupuis go to Pittsburgh for Angelo Esposito, Colby Armstrong Erik Christensen and a 1st round pick.

Huet on his way out


Cristobal Huet on his way to Washington for a 2nd round pick.....I was expecting Huet to move since they gave the reins to Price for tonight despite his loss on Sat.

Blogging from the Bell center

How much can you talk about nothing? That seems to be the goal for most of the Trade coverage. Maybe I just cant get in the spirit of things but this is my 3rd year covering NHLs trade deadline and it is quite possibly the most overblown day for news. Everyone is huddled around the same TV waiting for SOMETHING to happen so we can relay what is most often minor deals to our listeners as soon as possible. Unless they are watching the same TV that we are in which case they already know.
There is a small possibility that we may find something out about 30 seconds before it makes it on TSN TRADEWATCH but short of sneaking around the Bell center basement and trying to figure out if Marion Hossa's equipment has been moved locker rooms there is not too much going on. Wade Belak has been traded to the Panthers for a 5th round pick. Whoop de doo.
So far the prevailing rumor is that Hossa is coming to Habs for Ryder, Grabovski- who was called up today- and Lapierre.
ok back to eavesdropping and snooping.

quick note: habs were told to stay away from Bell center till 5 but I just saw Chris Higgins and Josh Georges kicking around a soccer ball and getting ready to do some light work outs.
Marian Hossa is also staying away apparently chilling in his hotel room having a late breakfast.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

My Take

Big weekend for sports news with 2 Canadiens players getting hauled into the pen after a crazy night partying topping the list of headlines in this city. Am I missing something here? Are the Florida cops so hard up for action that this warrants (ha ha get it?) an arrest? Last time I checked Florida has a pretty severe drug problem so how do these cops just happen to be on hand to arrest 2 drunken athletes? And what kind of training do you have that you can't simply diffuse this situation on the spot? I certainly don't condone whatever it is these guys were up to a 3 am in a Tampa bar but I will say this:

A) I would never let my purse out of my sight while out a a busy nightclub and any chick that does, pretty much deserves to have it stolen.

B) Grand theft? Are you serious? Consider the effect this may have on O'Byrne's life. Is it worth ruining someones career because some slag cant keep track of her purse and some drunken hockey player decided to play a prank on her?

C) The fact that they have been lambasted in the media for being out at - heavens no! 3 am!! Anyone up on their high horse should remember that, they were not playing the next day and this was the tail end of their rookie dinner which is supposed to be a partay- Yes. Obviously things got a little out of hand but who hasn't had a few too many IN THEIR EARLY 20'S and woken up with a pile of regrets the following morning. Wait is that just me? And what better time to tie one on than following a 6-1 loss at the hands of the league leading Sens. If that is not a reason to drink I don't know what is.

Anyhoo Moving on! Richard Zednik remains in intensive care today after Ollie Jokinen's skate severed an artery in his neck on Sunday. Crazy, crazy injury. Thank God he is ok, I for one do not want to witness a death on the ice. However if players and decision makers continue to macho themselves into dangerous situations this could become reality. I don't mean to imply that this is the fault of Zednik or Jokinen however I can't figure out with the speed of todays game that there are still really simple safety precautions that are not being put into place. Visors for one seem to carry with them a connotation of wimpy-ness. Thank you Don Cherry. What is wimpy about not wanting to go through the rest of your life blinded or worse? And trust me, I like fighting in hockey, when it is spontaneous and for an actual reason. Heres an idea: wip off the helmet if you want to fight. Couple it with dropping the gloves.
Granted the visor would not have helped Zednik in this situation but a neck guard would have. Obviously we need to start re-thinking hockey equipment if we are serious about keeping the players safe.

Friday, February 1, 2008

How do I love Ovechkin?

Let me count the ways:

1: Sexy Ugly.

2: How he starts the game with a big open ice hit to Steve Begin. like saying 'hello, my name is Ovechkin, not only will I undress multiple defensemen but I'll also take on the grinders.'

3: How he uses the opponents players as a screen before ripping and impossible slapshot, from an impossible angle to an impossible corner.

4: How he can somehow be a finesse player but also register 5 teeth rattling hits against players of Komisarek's stature.

5: How he seems to find space on the ice when there shouldn't be any.

6: How he never gives up and manages to be a threat ever second hes on the ice.

7: How he considers it a special day because he got stitches AND broke his nose. Oh ya and he scored 4 goals in a game. For the second time this season. And also registered and assist.

8: How his boyish enthusiasm does not seem at all affected by a monstrous contract.

9: How he glams up his outfit with Yellow laces and a tinted visor.

10: How even though he is speaking another language you can tell that he has a great sense of humor.