Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Huet on his way out


Cristobal Huet on his way to Washington for a 2nd round pick.....I was expecting Huet to move since they gave the reins to Price for tonight despite his loss on Sat.

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john_S said...

What happened to Huet is a lack of respect. No one gave us a chance in hell to make the playoffs... and with only one line producing, we did not get to where we are by fluke, Huet was a big part of it... he was weak for the last 3 games ? i didnt see them trade Ryder for a zamboni driver after 60games of NO production !... Huet was liked by everyone, and that is not easy in montreal..he was a ckass guy... and We know Price will be nomber one , but, 18 games left, Huet could have stayed for the ride, then let him go... next season we start with the 2 young ones from training camp... for a guy who was all class, worked hard...poor guy was totally disrespected, and unnappreciated by Gainey... and NOT the fans who love this guy, AND pay their tickets to watch them. A second round pick in 2009, is not the point... but at this point, the organization could have showed some class. Good luck Huet... may the Caps finish first in their division making them 3rd overall, Montreal finish 6th... which is very possible, they meet first round... and see a total Hollywood ending to this !