Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Blogging from the Bell center

How much can you talk about nothing? That seems to be the goal for most of the Trade coverage. Maybe I just cant get in the spirit of things but this is my 3rd year covering NHLs trade deadline and it is quite possibly the most overblown day for news. Everyone is huddled around the same TV waiting for SOMETHING to happen so we can relay what is most often minor deals to our listeners as soon as possible. Unless they are watching the same TV that we are in which case they already know.
There is a small possibility that we may find something out about 30 seconds before it makes it on TSN TRADEWATCH but short of sneaking around the Bell center basement and trying to figure out if Marion Hossa's equipment has been moved locker rooms there is not too much going on. Wade Belak has been traded to the Panthers for a 5th round pick. Whoop de doo.
So far the prevailing rumor is that Hossa is coming to Habs for Ryder, Grabovski- who was called up today- and Lapierre.
ok back to eavesdropping and snooping.

quick note: habs were told to stay away from Bell center till 5 but I just saw Chris Higgins and Josh Georges kicking around a soccer ball and getting ready to do some light work outs.
Marian Hossa is also staying away apparently chilling in his hotel room having a late breakfast.

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