Monday, May 28, 2007

Stanley Cup Final-LY

Its almost June and I spent most of the weekend taking the sun and the Stanley Cup final is JUST getting underway. I love hockey and I am sure my excitement will resume as soon as I watch these 2 teams play what is expected to be a fast, rough and dirty (hey-the Ducks have Pronger) series. However, considering the priority of the NHL is to increase popularity in the States and Canadians pay the price by losing amazing franchises like the Nordiques and the Jets, you would think stretching it out like this is counter productive. Sometimes I wish we were not so damn Canadian and made a worthwhile PROTEST when someone spits in your face.
For the record I am going with the Sens in 6. NOT because they are "Canada's team" but because of the way they have made it to this final. I truly thought that nothing could stop the Sabres. They looked so dominant against the Rangers... and then they ran into Alfredsson and the Senators and pretty much crapped the bed. The Sens seem to have the depth, the defense, the momentum and the hunger to counteract the presence that Pronger, Selanne and Niedermayer bring to the series.

Side note- My heart goes out to any family members of Marquis Hill but what are you DOING on a jet ski with no life jacket?

I come from a long line of lake go-ers in the summer and granted, we were more of the waterskiing-tubing persuasion but everything is/was always done with a life jacket and the few times I have been on a Jet Ski in a lake with NO Current, you couldn't get me on that thing without a life jacket. There seems to be an element of Darwinism here.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Video Replay???

The Senators have a chance to take a 3-0 series lead on the Sabres tonight and If I was Lindy Ruff I would be ready to throw every available water bottle at the video replay decision makers. In my view the Sabres have been robbed of 2 playoff goals that could have changed the situation the conference leading team finds themselves in right now. The first one I have let go. I did see the puck cross the line even on my crappy TV but its gone, in the past... it was inconclusive...whatever. The last one off Vaneks glove- I do not understand how you don't call that a goal. Is it possible they are slowing down the frame SO much that they are seeing things that didn't actually happen in the .2 seconds of action? He is standing at the net the puck bounces off his glove that is planted firmly on the stick and lands in the net. Why not a goal? Was he making a batting motion at the puck that seemed to catch everyone including Vanek by surprise when it flew in front of the net? Well if you slow it down enough apparently so. Personally I think he was robbed and also am starting to think that perhaps they are tossing a coin and the entire video replay is a complete sham.