Monday, May 14, 2007

Video Replay???

The Senators have a chance to take a 3-0 series lead on the Sabres tonight and If I was Lindy Ruff I would be ready to throw every available water bottle at the video replay decision makers. In my view the Sabres have been robbed of 2 playoff goals that could have changed the situation the conference leading team finds themselves in right now. The first one I have let go. I did see the puck cross the line even on my crappy TV but its gone, in the past... it was inconclusive...whatever. The last one off Vaneks glove- I do not understand how you don't call that a goal. Is it possible they are slowing down the frame SO much that they are seeing things that didn't actually happen in the .2 seconds of action? He is standing at the net the puck bounces off his glove that is planted firmly on the stick and lands in the net. Why not a goal? Was he making a batting motion at the puck that seemed to catch everyone including Vanek by surprise when it flew in front of the net? Well if you slow it down enough apparently so. Personally I think he was robbed and also am starting to think that perhaps they are tossing a coin and the entire video replay is a complete sham.

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JJ FRENCH said...

Had Vanek truly been from Buffalo, his shot would have gone wide right, so let it go.

My favourite team was jobbed by video replay by some retarded jackass who obviously spent his money on pies instead of Lasik surgery or contact lenses. This play, is living in infamy as The Tuck Play- you remeber it? That smug lookin' pasty faced girlyman named Tom Brady was sacked by Sir Rod Woodson and he lost the ball on what would have been 4th down in a snowstorm and about a 60 yard field goal...but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! They say Brady was "tucking the ball" back into his body....screw this. I'm way too upset to talk about it. But video replay is bullshit, especially since it cost the Raiders a Superbowl appearance. However, I have declared that the raiders did in fact win that Super Bowl in 2002 and the Patriots are all child molesters.

Rich Gannon for president!