Monday, April 30, 2007

My Sally Ride moment

I had a crazy weekend. Not only was I the first woman for CTV to have on Ron Reusch's Sports Night 360 but I attended the Golden Age of Sports Celebrity Breakfast and got to introduce Henri Richard, Jacques Demers and Kirk Muller.
Starting with 360, I was super stoked to be on the show and although doing TV makes me incredibly nervous it is really fun and a new challenge. So my first problem - I have to be honest here- was my hair. I left for the show and it was, for me, the worst possible conditions, heavy mist in the air. When I arrived my perfectly coiffed hair had morphed into frizzy, island girl, BIG HAIR. I pulled most of it back and then strolled into makeup and quipped that I sure hoped they had a straightener or at the very least a blow-drier to help me out. They had neither. Now I'm no DIVA by any stretch of the imagination but no blow drier-COME ON. I combed the bags best I could, we sprayed down the rest and the lovely makeup artist proceeded to cake on the makeup. 10 mins later I'm watching the Sharks and Redwings in the Green Room and the producer walks by and says, "don't worry they will be right down to do your makeup." :0
So the show starts and I quickly realize that not only am I the only woman but I also disagree with everyone on the panel re: Kovalev. Now, not wanting to appear like a ranting crazy lady I feel like I let a few opportunities slip by to make good points.

#1 I absolutely disagree that Saku Koivu is not a good passer. I don't know which games those guys were watching but Koivu REGULARLY passes the puck right onto the tape of his line-mates stick. Remember he did that all season with a CATARACT on his eye.
#2 Yes Kovalev had a disappointing season and I can tell you that I see him every day at practice and after a large number of games and there is no doubt in my mind that Kovalev is a competitor and is far more annoyed than you when he plays poorly. That being said, Yes he underperformed and of course its frustrating when you don't think he plays up to potential, but you know what? Players have bad games. They even have bad seasons. Does that mean fans and the Club should give up on him? I don't think so. Give the coaching staff a chance to gel with the-built-like-a-brick-shit-house-soul-of-an-artist player. He may be difficult to handle but imagine if we supported our players instead of salivating at the mouth when there is a chance to lambaste them in print.

Points about Kovalev I like:
Kovy's Kids: Kovalev picking up the torch from Theodore and pays for the loge where sick and underprivileged kids can watch the games.
He still makes jokes with the media despite their obvious desire the trade him for a bucket of pucks.
His pure skill on the ice when he is ON. He may need to be handled with white gloves but so does the Stanley Cup.
For the most part he speaks his mind. I don't buy that Kovalev is a liar. I'm sure he has fudged some of the facts of what he said in a few interviews to avoid being tarred and feathered on his way out of the Bell Center. But quite honestly I couldn't care less what he says to a Russian reporter. Short of telling the Canadiens you want out in November (Samsonov), I dont see anything wrong with a veteran criticizing decisions they were not happy with and talking about what they think they need to succeed.

Moving on to the Sports Celebrity Breakfast. I was very honored to be invited to this and sitting at a table with Henri Richard in front of me, Elmer Lach and
Dollard St. Laurent at the table to my left and numerous others that I never thought I would find myself in the same room with was a really cool experience. Speaking in from of a huge room FULL of people however not so cool. Thanks goodness for Jacques Demers who snagged that microphone out of my hand before you could say "18 goal season" and he was off to the races.
Can't wait to get the pictures back of me on stage with these icons (wearing my FIERCE leopard print shoes I got just for the occasion!)
I will post them as soon I get them!- the pics not the shoes.
All in all great morning, thanks to Lorne Rubin who also represented THE TEAM and all the amazing guests that showed up to help out for a very worthy cause. (
The event will support the Centre’s Med-Aid program that delivers much needed medication to seniors who are unable to financially look after their medical needs.)
Hope you tuned in on Saturday! I'll get to the playoffs in my next post.


JJ FRENCH said...

More like your Sally Struthers moment, ya freakin' meathead. How dare you surpress your spunky misaligned attitude and become the subservient piece of window dressing that I so hoped you were not.
I on the other hand, performed some of my best work whilst watching la Bleu Nuit. Sometimes you're the fluffer and sometimes you're the dirty dishtowel.

Andie Bennett said...

"Subservient piece of window dressing"??
That may be a slight exaggeration. I seem to recall your debut on the airwaves of the team 990 was less than stellar. I really don't want to have to block you from my blog Mr. French but if references to blue nuit and disturbing visuals of you as a fluffer is all you have to offer I may be forced to rule my blog with an iron fist

Marco said...

Hello Andie...unfortunately most of your opinions seem to be influenced by Mitch....the sooner you start expressing your own opinion the sooner your credibility will rise...stop being the little assistant and start standing up for what you believe in...we have not heard you disagree with anything Mitch ever says... As for Kovalev and Mitch would say blah blah blah

Andie Bennett said...

Marco, did you even read my blog?

Marco said...

Hello Andie...yes I did read your blog and I still stand by what i said...maybe my comments on Mitch were not an appropriate follow up to your present fault...As for kovalev very simple.. Kovalev=lazy...In his mind he does nothing the mind of fans he does not play to his full potential. the equation is easy..I pay and you play!!! If your boss does not like the way you play (work) then shut up and play (work harder)!!!!

花雕 said...

hello~ glad to meet you~~welcome to see my blog...tks~~

JJ FRENCH said...

Of course it was a slight exagerration on my part, and I'm glad your hackles have been raised. I actually must commend you on your appearance and thought that you at least avoided looking like an intellectual liability. Enough about you, let's talk about me.
As for my less than stellar appearance on Melnicks show, you must recall (and I'm sure you do, especially on thos long lonely nights when you have a brand new set of nickle cadmium batteries, but I digress)that I was 1 of 5 guests in studio that day. I not only had to share a mic, but I also had no headphones most of the time so my timing was a little off. Not to mention that the microphone smelled like a tasteful melange of cigar, Asstro Glide (which by the way, allows you to park a school bus in a mailbox) and Aqua Velva.
You don't have to block me Bennett, you're editing scalpel has cut off more brilliance than the guy who tried to circumsize me when I was 23.