Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Roller Derby: are these girls insane?

My new show Totally Broad- THURSDAYS AT 11PM has been rolling along pretty smoothly so far with the exception of the Canadiens getting bounced out early, hence the Athlete quiz has been put on hold for the time being before its transition to the Alouettes quiz of the week!
This week is based on one of the original ideas behind the show: ROLLER DERBY! I caught some reality show about these chicks a while ago and they seem completely nuts and extremely vicious. I love it.
I must share with you part of an e-mail sent to me by the captain of one of the Montreal teams who will be joining us Tomorrow night at 11pm.

There's been a bunch of hype going around about Montreal's birth of a roller derby league and May 5th will be this baby's Bat Mitzva!

The teams playing will be Montreal's very first team, The Contrabandits vs. the second team (my team) Les Filles Du Roi.

One thing is for sure, this wont be your regular Saturday night. Our ladies have been training like soldiers in preparation for this event and will be sure to leave you hungry for more!

Don't think that the derby girls are just a bunch of pretty faces. We are competitive and ruthless adrenaline junkies all wrapped up in fishnets and fundies.... that rhymed... hehe.

For real though, if this kinda thing gets you all fired up, try and get your hands on some suicide seats. That's right, SUICIDE SEATS!!!!!! On track level, the floor 15 feet out from the outer ring of the track itself is reserved for our freak fans who like the idea of a body checked derby girl flying into their lap.

One last thing..... If you do decide that this is how you wanna kick off your Saturday night, then bring lots of signs that say "Go Filles Du Roi" and support your local "Slut's and Criminal's".

Captain Beater Pan-Tease

LOLOLOL! I will absolutely be attending this event hope to see you out there!



JJ FRENCH said...

If these young criminal sluts don't be careful about safe sex, they may end up with Roll Aids.

Ba ha ha ha ha.

Does Skinny Minny Miller still roll for the L.A T-Birds?

Donato said...

HI, Andie

I listened to your show this week and I love listening to you but I just couldn't get intrested in roller derby talk. Maybe its because I never see it being played but I just couldn't understand the way the game is played and why there aren't more people playing it.

Andie Bennett said...

Hi Donato,

Thanks for listening and we are working on tweaking a few things so listeners have a better understanding of some of these sports that are REALLY unknown. I think with Roller Derby it's a pretty niche sport so it may be hard to interest new members.
Andie :)

Donato said...

Hi Andie,

Congratulations on your big screen debut tonight. It took a while before you said your first words on air but you stood strong next to those other big boys and hope to see you again on air. You seemed a bit shy but who wouldn't be. Look at me I dont call your show but thats because I dont want to freeze up on air or say something stupid, but I prefer to talk to you when I see you in person. Now all I wish is that I could hear your show wihout all sorts of static coming from my radio.

JJ FRENCH said...

That static isn't from your radio,Donatello, it's from my massive thunder thighs rubbing together as I try to sneak up to you while I'm wearing courduroys.