Friday, March 30, 2007

Totally Broad makes its debut on THE TEAM 990

For those of you that don't know, I now have my very own show at THE TEAM 990. How exciting is that?? The show is about sports outside the mainstream and its called Totally Broad airing every Thursday night at 11:00pm. The show made its big debut yesterday and it was a blast. Bianca Bayer joins me working the board, our producer is Debbie Mahoney-a very good friend of mine and snowboarder extraordinare.
In case you missed it we discussed Parkour on the first show and every subsequent show will focus on a different sport so tune in if you feel like listening to 3 hot ladies discussing the unsung sports!

Next week-snowboarding takes center stage as we preview the return of Canada’s largest snowboarding event: Empire Shakedown 2007!

Totally Broad Thursdays at 11:00pm!

1 comment:

Myles said...

What about rock climbing? How is that not the topic of one of your first shows? {Like the long hair, BTW)