Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Should have gone 5 hole.

I feel the need to blog about not only how much my team DOMINATED at our Bell Center Hockey extravaganza (Melnick in the Afternoon went 3-0 thank you very much!) but also of how cool my team was to be saddled with, not only, the lone girl in the tournament but one whose hockey skills can only be described as Bambi after a hard night out drinking.
It was such a great day and after my team got over the HORROR of sharing their locker room with me, they were all about trying to help me fulfill my dream of scoring a goal. Despite their best efforts including Terry Ryan waiting for me to come up the wing and take a pass MANY times and giving me a penalty shot that I almost took on our own goalie (oops!) it was not to be. Mitch was a stellar coach and only short shifted me once-but then I said i regreted agreeing to play this game and wanted a trade and he shaped up.
Thanks to all the guys on my team that made sure I was out for all my shifts and all the guys on the other teams that did their best not to run me over, except for Paul Lambert who pulled no punches in drilling me into the corner. Juuust kidding Paul was on my team and in my exuberance to actually see the puck a few feet away from me I tried to flail my way over there unfortunately Paul was already on the move and as he said, stopping 300 pounds is no easy task. I learned that the hard way. :)

My favorite moments of the day:
Hurry the F*** up next time" Terry Ryan the first time he tried to help me score.
"That was the worst F***ING off-side I have ever seen" Terry Ryan when I was, I admit, BADLY offside.
"You should have gone 5 hole" The guys in the dressing room after I failed to score on my penalty shot. Guys, 5 hole would be great but It's a miracle I still had the puck on my stick by the time i got there.

Pics are up on the website. I'm the midget wearing 11.


Aldo said...

LOL...I was on that play on the offside. I saw two of your guys coming in the zone and I heard the ref whistle. I was wondering why. Then I turned around and saw you next to our goalie! That was the worst offside!

But it was great to see you there playing with the boys. It's cool that you always stand up for what you think.

P.S. Leo Luongo told us in the room that the scariest moment of the 3 games was when you went on the breakaway. Deep inside, everyone wanted you to score!

See ya,


Dennis said...

Hi Andie, I was playing on Tony's team and it truly was inspiring to see you out on the ice.. and although noone might mistaken your hockey playing abilities to Hayley Wickenheiser (nor us to Sidney Crosby lol)... you could definitely pass (in the looks department) for Cassie Campbell! ;)
All the best,

JJ FRENCH said...

How happy I am to see that Andies blog is being used by keyboard warriors to compliment her on her looks and girly smells. I'm sure she's thrilled that no matter what her education, abilities, insights or journalistic skilss might be- it all boils down that she's purty and you'd like to get into her pants.

No wonder I'm banging all your wives & girlfriends.

Dennis said...
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Dennis said...

Well JJ, seeing as Andie was participating in a hockey game and not a "Reach for the Top" tournament (you probably have a closet full of old videotapes lol), I don't think anyone is overlooking her intellectual integrity in lieu of her beauty. There's no doubt we would love to see Andie voice her opinion on Sportsnight 360 opposite the boys and think she would do just fine. As for you JJ, we're happy if you're happy and I'm sure that other collection of videotapes you have keeps you content night after night ;p but you must be mistaken... none of our wives or girlfriends are made out of plastic. LMAO
Peace Brother

JJ FRENCH said...

As you are bang on regarding my other collection of videotapes, technology has given me a boot in the groin by making Beta machines not only obsolete, but also too large. Living in a van down by the river, space is at a premium and must not be wasted. Therefore instead of movies, I now get my thrills by drawing sequential scenes on the corner of a note pad and flipping the pages quickly so it looks like the people are moving. It's a little difficult to take care of bidness with one hand flipping the pages and the other pulling the goalie, but it's worth it.
I once filled a blowup doll with helium and brought it to the pool and used it as a matress. I had to convince the lifeguard that I was bouncing up and down just to make waves for the kids.