Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Computer problems??

I have not had a chance to mention this yet however I had these amazing dudes come over and fix my new/second-hand computer and have never had such a great, frustration-free experience with computer techs. If any of you out there need some help at home, they are 2 young entrepreneurs that know. their. shit. Check out The main guys name it Mitchell Polsky and his number is 514-295-8373. He will sort you out!

Now back to Habs, had a great time working the game last night and got a much better show than I think anyone expected. Sergie Kostitsyn was unbelievable, and imagin what could happen if he starts shooting instead of passing! Its really difficult to think of the potential of this team if they continue to keep it simple and play the system that seems to be working for them. I get the impression that they have out the blinders on some of the players media-wise, which although it sucks for us might be a great idea. Lately it is pretty slim pickins when they open up the locker room doors so there could be some players that are being kept out of the media spotlight.

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vin914 said...

hahaha no offense to you guys in the media but like you said its probably a better idea that some players are kept away form the media. we know this team is young, and the playoffs against this team that they dominated all season long is already enough things to think about and distract them. getting all excited and going to do all sorts of interviews is not a good idea. keep up the good work i listen to mitch everyday. i dont wake up on sunday mornings however, sorry. :P