Monday, March 10, 2008

Friken ICE.

So I came to work in my car today and I am going home on foot. Why you ask? Because once again, through no fault of my own my car is damaged. Get this: Ice fell off the roof in the back of THE TEAM 990 building and just happened to hit MY car and crash through my back window. Lovely no? Its official. My car is cursed.

Anyhoo, more importantly I had my first interview in french this weekend on Radio- Canada for International Womens Day! It was super fun and I think (hope) I held my own so a big thanks to Jason Cavallaro and Alexandre Coupal for thinking of me and inviting me on to their Satellite show!

The week off was wonderful, got to see some family, go snowboarding and watch A LOT of Dexter. Check it out if you are hard up for some good TV.

I'll write more soon with all me awards selections. One I don't have to think about is rookie of the year who I think has to be Patrick Kane.

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Snowman said...

Shame about the car. My girlfriend got into a car accident too last month - I mean, .. some ice fell on her car.. (wink, wink).

Dexter looked interesting in the promo commercials... but I'm already committed to Lost & Prison Break - I can't spare the time. Perhaps I'll check it out during the summer.