Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Am I missing something here?

Well despite the fact that lovely listener 'lynch mob' enjoys commenting on my blog about how I should stick to 'weather and traffic' I will risk embarrassment once again and write about sports. And BTW Lynch Mob- Rod does traffic and weather. I do sports updates.

So after yesterdays practice that had 5 guys wearing the dismal gray jerseys we arrive today at practice to find that not only will Guillaume Latendresse sit this one out but so will Steve Begin. STEVE BEGIN??? The guy who is throwing himself in front of pucks in the pre-season? Steve Begin the guy who is sporting a chrome dome for a young fan going through chemo that he doesn't want to feel like an outcast? Steve Begin the heart of the team that leaves it all out on the ice every single time he laces them up?
I understand that Begin is not the number one point getter on the team but he has certainly not been a disappointment after 3 games of the regular season. And if there was something that Carbonneau saw that he did not like does Begin not merit a least a sit down for some constructive criticism before he rides the pine?
Begin found out he was not playing this morning by showing up at practice and noticing that his name was conspicuously absent from the wipe-off board.

After Carbonneau pointed out in the off-season that communication was one of the areas of his coaching style that needed improvement it is a bit surprising that a Canadiens workhorse would not get a personal word from the coach before hand that may have made the disappointing news a bit easier to swallow.

And here is why I love Begin. His response: 'I am going to do whatever I have to do to make sure that this never happens again.' Now that is a player you want on your team.


Lynch Mob said...

It looks like your "love" for Begin is blindening your reality. "Begin is the heart and soul of the Canadiens." Making comments like this makes you look like you're hanging out at the bar looking pretty instead of truly following the games.

Take a hint...stick to rock climbing analysis!

Andie Bennett said...

Lynch mob I really have no clue what your problem is but I watch every single game-and practice for that matter and if you knew anything about hockey you would understand the importance of a player like Begin. I never claimed he was a top line player. Your comments are totally sexist and offensive and I'm truly sick of the same damn insults from stupid lazy men who feel threatened by any woman working in this business. Why don't you grow some balls and leave your name or better yet call into the show and we can discuss your point of view.

charles bronson said...

Hey andie it must be a real pain in the ass having to deal with sexist idiots with nothing intelligent to say(like lynch mob) on a daily bassis.But I do feel there are actually a lot more decent people out there who are just to busy to write in and tell you what a great job you're doing.Maybe "lynchmob"should move out of his grandmothers basement and stop playing with himself.

Skrud said...

Judging by Andie's reply above (nice!!!) I don't really have to defend her here, but I will anyway.

Andie is infinitely more objective and open-minded in her evaluation of the team than some of the other hosts and callers on the Team 990. Those people's opinions range from "Gushing FanBoy" to "Bandwagon Jumper" to "hypocrite" based on the team's performance in the most recent game. I for one appreciate Andie's hard work, and her growth as a reporter/journalist has been phenomenal since her maiden broadcast.

Also, as someone who has met Andie when she was "hanging out at the bar looking pretty" (Hi Andie!! Steve from the IWS wrestling show here!), I can tell she you does that amazingly well too. Charming, lovely and approachable is how I'd describe her, plus she ambushed The Green Bastard like a pro.

Steve R.
Pro-Toe Assn.

arnie maloney said...
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arnie maloney said...
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arnie maloney said...

hello andie,my name is arnie and i absolutely loved your interview with maury,it was completely inspirational.i believe it is what was needed to get me jogging again.i admired his outlook on life,dry but subtle sense of humour and your interview skills. i highly recommend a book by mitch ablom entitled "tuesdays with maury",you will not regret it and hopefully you admire his commendable courage.i have been listening to the team for some time and have grown to appreciate your wit,wisdom,common sense and humour.you seem to be a well grounded and decent lass who can have an air of dignity and class but also one who can hold her own and be one of the boys,quite admirable.i never knew how pretty you were until i saw a picture in the magazine,what a cutie.keep it up miss bennett,i believe you will go far in your field,you got it girl!!!

Andie Bennett said...

ahh I love my mom! This is what she messaged me today:

Kathy says:
was just reading your blog and I guess you have some great fans. Tell "lynch mob" he needs to learn to spell and learning some grammar might not hurt

Blam! Don't mess with momma Bennett. She will smack you down. Trust me.