Monday, January 29, 2007

Blog attempt numero uno

I had a thought this weekend as I was watching sports coverage on a certain network that seems to enjoy pretending that the Montreal Canadiens are some second-rate expansion team unworthy of their attention.

Anyhoo the standard middle aged man was going on about what a snore the All-Star game was and how they need to do something about it..."it was so much better in my day"... "why don't they go back to how it was in 82.." etc etc...

Regardless of how you feel about the All-Star game, am I the only one tired of these guys being so concerned with reliving the glory days that all they can do is complain and put down the product of today?
Maybe nothing at all is wrong with sports now. Maybe if they would stop telling people that something is wrong and just be positive and enjoy it for what it is-A GAME-you could let us ALL enjoy it a little more.

I'm not saying everyone has to be a Pierre McGuire and hop on the love train but I feel like sometimes the broadcasters seem to have lost the very reason why they got into the job in the first place. For the love of the game, the players, the competition, the underdogs, the up-and-comers, the buzzer beaters and all the parts of the game that you want to expose to your viewers and listeners.

You tell people something is crap enough times and you know what? They are going to start thinking that maybe its crap.

I think we could all use a dose of whatever Steve Irwin was on and approach life every now and then "with passion and enthusiasm!" (you have to say it out loud in a thick Aussie accent to really get the gist)


Anonymous said...

Apparently Jason Spezza is on a double-dose of Steve Irwin medicine.

Sandbox said...

I read somewhere that time is an illusion. Sports binds many of us with tales of glory from the past. We keep our memories alive by our recollections of where we were when a big sporting event happened. They become beacons to our past. Now to put down the present crop of players is a reflection our own insecurities of us getting older. We are afraid of change. There is so much promise and new things to discover. Sure money corrupts. Would we turn down that kind of money. It's not the sport that makes us corrupt, it's in us from the start. We turn the tap on and off. How it flows depends on all of us. Sport is a human condition, the ultimate battle of existence in many levels divisible by border or country. In the end it is always about survival. As much as we remember the heroes, we also remember the sour fans. So let's be fans and not fanatics.

Michael said...


Your photos are becoming more glamorous.

I think the station should spring for ann Annie Leibowitz shoot.

Henrique said...
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Huge said...

Who stole the kishke?

Donato said...

Hey Andie,

Have ever thought about starting your own radio show. It be nice to hear a girls point of view and have something different then the same old guy talk. I mean I love the team 990 but I think something different would be like a breath of fresh air to listen to but thats only if your interested in doing so. I try listening most afternoons and I have to admit you have come along way from the first time I heard you and I think you would do well if you just be yourself .

ace said...

I have to agree with've come a long way.
i used to cringe during your updates and i thought you were
dyslexic,but i was impatient(read bitter).Now i must congratulate you on consistent work. You improve everyday.

andie-fan said...

Keep up the good work. see you at bourbon

Michael said...


You have to tell Melnick to stop asking you questions like "which singers make you wet?"
He's not Howard Stern, and you're not Robin.
I'm the least PC guy on the planet (OK, second-least: PJ is the least).
But a little respect.

BTW, Etta James is great.

JJ FRENCH said...

Little Unit,

I once tried to live by the same code and philosophy as Steve Irwin, but unfortunately I just couldn't pull it off. I don't know if it was the extra small beige shorts & matching shirt combo I wore or if it was my bad habit of asking the ladies if they wanted to see my trouser snake, but it just didn't work out that well. I like to look on the bright side and think they either didn't appreciate my bad Aussie accent or they didn't like the rubber sting ray covered in ketchup that I taped to my chest.