Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Is it a sport if it doesn't hurt?

As everyone else is cursing the cold outside and pretty much dropping like flies around me at the station, I couldn't be happier that we finally have snow and I have been able to get to the slopes a few times already.
Unfortunately in my exuberance I sometimes forget that I am now an old lady and probably should not be quite as foolhardy (read stupid) as I used to be. Learning to ride with mostly boys I was often used as a guinea pig to check landings as in; "Andie go drop off that and check the landing", so falling on crap landings is not an unusual feeling for me however bending my spine in half this weekend has put a real damper on my week so I think those days may finally be over.
The flail has got me thinking however, especially after boarder cross was such a roaring success at the Olympics, what is considered a sport these days?
From what I understand the IOC has dropped women's ski jumping out of the Olympics because by classifying it as an 'EVENT' and not a 'SPORT' you need more countries to have active participation in order to warrant its inclusion. Now, if flying 100 meters in the air while holding your body tight as a drum and actually landing without doing yourself in and taking a few spectators with you is not a SPORT then how can you call Golf a sport with a straight face?
Listen I'm not going to lie and say that I am biting my nails at Olympic time waiting for women's ski jumping to come on but there has been criticism that this EVENT/SPORT clause in the Charter is a loophole that has grandfathered in the discrimination against women ski jumpers. Is this really the direction we want to be going with amateur sports? In a time where kids spend more time in front of a TV/PLAYSTATION/NINTENDO (take your pick) and most adolescent girls are surviving on saltine crackers and the occasional apple because they are afraid to get fat, should we be pulling the funding out of women's events or supporting these girls who want to compete for their country? And doing a damn good job of it might I add. Canada has 3 young women on the National Team that rank among the top 16 jumpers in the world.


BaYo said...

Your waaaaaaaaaaaaaay to hot for Radio, I vote Andy the next : Hazel Mae !!!

Michael said...


I love Blog II.
You obviously care about the issue, and that translated into an impassioned (and very well-written) rant.

Keep 'em coming.

(Hey, you didn't seem to be experiencing any spinal discomfort at the game last night. Fast healer?)

JJ FRENCH said...

Little Unit,

I am one who truly believes in equality for all (and justice for a few), especially in sports. I think there should be absolutely no gender barrier in sports and that women should compete on the exact same playing field as the men. Then we can get rid of this ridiculous double funding of amateur athletes and make sure that only the absolute best get the funding, regardless of gender. Like they say, if you can't play with the big boys, don't come to the park.

"I wish the crows would stop calling my name", thought Caw.

JJ FRENCH said...

I'm just trying my new foto.....I think I look pimp, dawg.Noumsayin'?

Stephen K said...

Andie, If you are a supporter of Women's sport we are going to invite you to come out and try rugby this season. Have you? Are you brave enough?

JJ FRENCH said...

The Little Unit looks a little too delicate to be swapping blood & spit with 220 lbs of sassy Shebiscuit. Unless she played fly half or something. I'd like Andie to say "Can I be the hooker in this scrum?"

Michael said...

Hey, how come Stock got a TV gig ahead of the smarter, more articulate and much better looking Andrew Bennett?

JJ FRENCH said...

Window dressing is a dime a dozen on t.v- the audience demands authenticity. A former pro always makes the viewer seem like they have an inside take on what's going on and t.v execs can golf with him and feel mighty important when they brag to their neighbours that they golfed with PJ.
Besides, Andie wouldn't tolerate a hand on her ass like PJ would.

dice said...

I just was listening to the whole "voluptuous, victoria secretish" sequence today and decided to see what you looked like for myself.... you're "up there"... not a stretch at all Andie.