Wednesday, June 27, 2007

akkk my groin

After repeated emails from Mitch informing me I am a lazy good fo nothin I have decided on my own accord that it is time to update my blog! :)

I do like to write when something gets me going and with the exception of Paris Hilton, not too much has me riled up these days. Well thank goodness for charity softball games because once again I am forced to defend a sport that so many men in this business enjoy slamming despite the fact that they "have been farting into the same sofa cushion" for 10 years. Now I played fast pitch softball which is quite different from slo pitch softball, for one thing our ball was just slightly bigger than a baseball and I cant say the actual speed of the pitches- we're girls so we don't get clocked or scouted or anything- but I was a catcher and my pitcher used to severely bruise my hand if I caught it outside the web. (She went on to get a scholarship to Long Island University)
So imagine my deep satisfaction when after hearing Mitch refer to my game as a bastardized version of baseball I turn up at Jarry Park and see Mitch limping over to say hello! And they were only in the 4th inning! Sooooo the sissy game of softball somehow managed to have the last laugh!
The day was a complete smash and so much fun to have a chance to talk with some other sports types that were out of their element. And FYI Guy Carbonneau pretty much rocks, I saw him hit a pretty sweet line drive past the shortstop.

Pefect segway to the Canadians draft picks. Now is there a shred of possibility that after winning 5 Stanley Cups as a player and 4 Selke trophys Gainey might have a better idea of what is good for the club than say...Vinnie from Lasalle? Just a thought. And with so many up in arms about the Canadiens not selecting Esposito I am curious how many of them follow these young men around to evaluate their talents. Such a waste to be spending that kind of time and money just to fill out a message board. I have no clue who any of these up and coming players are. Most of them look like I could still be babysitting them to be quite honest. So if you truly have this kind of energy to expend in knocking choices that frankly I believe few people are qualified to make- (and the ones that are were probably at one of the tables in Columbus) how about making those that deserve it a little more accountable? If there were as many people scrutinizing the envornmental and social choices that our government made there would be no pollution or poverty.


Craig said...

Andie - in reference to your paragraph about the Habs picks - THANK YOU!!! And I'd like to extend your comment about Gainey and others sitting at those NHL tables beyond Vinnie from Lasalle to some people at your radio station. Everyone has an opinion and I think that's great - but, it's the tone that some use. Honestly - just cause someone has been given a radio show or even a time slot on a radio show - it doesn't automatically move them up to the top of the totem pole and make them an expert. I find it funny how some people - that aren't involved in the game besides reporting on it - feel as though they're the ones that invented the game and the ones that are actually in the game are just learning it or trying to earn grades......Great blog.

DT said...

I'll pass on Melnick but if your groin ever gets stretched, let me know and I'll rub it down for you.