Monday, July 23, 2007

Cocky or confident

I have to be honest, while attending Canadiens development camp the first person who catches your eye when you look to the ice is P.K. Subban. I could say its cause he is fast and he is, or because he goes all out on every single drill, which he does, but the fact that he is the only black dude out there makes him pretty darn easy to spot. Props to Subban to not only excel in his sport where he is in the minority but to have to stones to walk up to the table where Bob Gainey and Guy Carbonneau were sitting and tell them that he will be playing on this team and is prepared to shoulder the burden of bringing the cup back to Montreal!

Carbonneau loved the boldness and spoke about what a huge part confidence plays in sports. It got me thinking; where is the fine line between confident and cocky and when does it tip over the line and begin hurting the team?

I certainly think there are more than a few pro athletes out there that would do themselves and their team a great service if they would check their egos at the door- Terrell Owens anyone?? But who would you prefer to have in the room, an underrated quiet guy who can get the job done or an overly confident player who will never live up to his perceived greatness. P.K . Subban in my opinion falls somewhere in between the 2 which is great news for the Habs as you look to the team of the future.

So feel free to throw me out some names that you think fall under confident and who needs to tone down the cockiness and remember Ali: It's not bragging if you can back it up!


Carlo C said...

How about Winky Wright before fighting Hopkins on Saturday. Too bad I liked Wright, he hadn't ducked anyone before and only ended up giving Hopkins more fuel for the fight.

andiebennettfanclub said...

Hey Andie,
Ray Lewis is probably the most confident athlete out there who backs it up on the field. Great blog once again :)

Mimmo said...

Great blog Andy,

In my opinion, Micheal Shumacher was the definition of confidence. His style and driving lanes were so different from everyone else and yet he owns just about every record there is. Cocky would be someone like Terrel Owens, as you mentioned or better yet Kobe Bryant. Yes he is a brilliant player but at the same time, everytime i see him play, i feel as though he does what he does for his personal gain, and not for whats best for the team or not to win the game. He has great highlites and accomplished some great things like 80 points in a game, but yet you never see him come out and say what needs to be done to win...he doesnt have the drive to win, but he does have the drive to make every hilite show out there. That in my opinion is cocky. When you think that you're so great that the team can not be losing because of you.