Monday, September 10, 2007

Calvillo who?

No disrespect to Anthony Calvillo or Robert Edwards but both players were an afterthought in the Als stunner over the Lions at McGill stadium yesterday. With Marcus Brady showing that he has not been twiddling his thumbs sitting on the bench for a year and a half and Jarrett Payton taking punishment to bring the Als 3 touchdowns the Als were able to rekindle the hope of winning the Grey Cup.
It was the first Alouettes game I have attended this year and it was pretty much the best game I have watched all year. Think the team was happy to have Tim Strickland back?
My one gripe is the borderline-bad-porn-storyline on which the cheerleaders seem to have based their halftime show. Is the naughty school girl thing just a wee bit played out by now. Britney Spears pretty much put that to rest did she not? What with the bad camera work, French dubbing over School of Rock roll-call and ghastly makeup choices I was ready to cover the eyes of the children sitting in from of me for fear of what was coming next.
I guess the reason I feel free to criticize the Alouettes cheerleaders choreography is that I spent my Saturday as a rookie addition to 'The Flying Wallendas'. Yes that is right, I Andie Bennett flew on a trapeze and I have to say it is one of the scariest things I have done since trying Calamari for the first time. (sidenote: I hate eating things that look like they could crawl off your plate.)
First of all, they don't exactly ease you into the whole trapezing thing. I thought hey, first timer, we will perhaps swing back and forth on the bar a few times. Ohhh no! First time up you try a knee hang which means; you climb up a really tall ladder about half a foot wide, onto a platform where another trapezer is waiting and he hooks you in, (we were harnessed in something that quite frankly as a climber I was a little wary of) then holds the belt while you reach out for the bar-at this point I have the uncontrollable shakes and my palms are sweating so much I am beginning to think this was a horrible mistake. So after about 5 mins of instructions we are expected to swing out on the bar HOOK YOUR KNEES THROUGH YOUR ARMS AND OVER THE BAR THE LET GO WITH YOUR HANDS AND REACH OUT BEHIND YOU WHILE ARCHING YOUR BACK. Then you simply reach back up bring your legs down slowly and "legs front-back-front and let go as you back flip off the bar onto the net." Easy-Peasy. My Totally Broad sidekick Debbie Mahoney looked like a pro and made it all the way through with no problems. Me, not so much but I did do everything except the back flip. We finished the 2 hour class by completing a catch and despite the fact that the fear was still there, it was the most amazing feeling to be swinging upside down and reach back and actually have someone catch you off the bar. It was a true sense of accomplishment that is impossible to explain. Go try for yourself at Trapezium.

Check out Totally Broad this Thursday at 11:00pm on The Team 990 for more Trapeze info and a full review of our experience!

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Roen Weiss said...

I broke 2 fingers at the Trapezium a year ago, You have the worst advice ever !!! lol