Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Thoughts of Dodgeball from the Presidents Cup

We are on location at Royal Montreal all week and try as I might, golf just does not do it for me. It’s a beautiful day outside but we are set up in an air conditioned tent so we would never know it if there was not a huge screen in front of me showing the outdoors.
Totally Broad will feature dodge-ball this week after a friend of mine told me that he saw organized dodge ball the other day with actual spectators. Mitch snickered when I told him the show topic was dodge ball but quite frankly you would catch me with a cold beer watching some dodge ball before I donned pleated front khakis, disposed of my cell phone and came out to follow a bunch of cranky old men knock a ball around a golf course.
My brush with greatness was slightly disappointing after finally getting within a few feet of Tiger Woods- these guys are so sheltered from the media its ridiculous- he did not even look up and acknowledge any of the fans who had been waiting outside the trailer to catch a glimpse of the best golfer in the world. He didn’t even glance in my direction despite the fact that he walked right by me and I was waiting to talk to his assistant captain. At least when I walked by Gretzky in the Bell Center he smiled and said hello for gosh sakes- and that is GRETZKY- (I also heard once that when Gretzky called into a media conference call-he actually spelled his name. Does anyone else find that hilarious?)

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