Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Habs v. Blackhawks and Female Presidents

Its an original 6 match-up tonight-as you know if you listen to the Drive show (I must have said original 6 about 20 times) and one thing that stood out for me at practice today was- how teeny Patrick Kane is!!! I mean seriously, I am going to keep my eyes out for this guy and I know he was a number 1 pick overall but heck I don't often watch the Blackhawks so never thought for a minute that he looked so young! He's listed at 5'10" 163 pounds. ummmmm yeeaaaahhhhh. Don't think so. And just look at that face. Don't you just want to pinch his cheeks? Must be something special to be such a standout among the giants he plays next to. For the game tonight keep you eyes out for #88 as well as on the Habs, the Kostitsyns who really have come into their own this season and of course hopefully the Lapierre-Higgins-Ryder line that I hope will only get better. Ryder playing well is spectacular when you see how quick a shot he has and they have teamed up for some pretty sweet plays as of late. Andrei Markov is sure to be on his game after receiving the honor of being not only chosen for the All-Star team but coming second only to Sidney Crosby in voting. Seriously? Seriously? I mean he absolutely deserves it but I am pleasantly surprised that hockey fans supported him so much that he falls directly behind Crosby.

Switching gears completely- Now I am not American but am I the only one sick of hearing the debate - Is America ready for a female president or is America ready for a Black president? (Although we hear the latter less as its more acceptable to be completely sexist than racist these days) How about this Americans? Why not try electing someone for their values and platforms that you think will be able to turn around the frikken mess you find yourself in after letting someone who makes Paris Hilton look like a MENSA member run your country for the past 7 years? If you think that they can get the job done and have some brains and hopefully some understanding of the world outside the United States who cares if it's a woman, man, trans gender- aren't you looking a bit deeper than this? It's the dumbest question ever but I do love seeing media types discuss it while trying to avoid sounding blatantly sexist. Men and women by the way.


Paul said...

Come on, leave our Buffalo boy alone. We don't get too many in the NHL. I hope we're ready for a female president, she can't do any worse!

Paul H

JJ FRENCH said...


Hooray for boobies!