Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Years Resolutions anyone??

Well since over the Holidays my computer connection went from no wireless to no nothing, your movie list will have to be more of a must see in the New Year as opposed to vacation viewing. Since I have a serious love of Kung-Fu I was going to categorize all the recommendations but heck you guys can figure it out! so here they are in no particular order:

Fist of legend – Jet Li

Drunken Master- the original with Jackie Chan before he started doing stuff like Around the World in 80 days

Ong Bak- it will renew your love for Kung-Fu- Tony Jaa is insane.

Donnie Darko- if you loved 80s movies (John Hughes only please) you will dig this totally weird movie.

True Romance- don’t be fooled by the title; it's witty, violent and best of all has Gary Oldman who can pretty much do no wrong. I mean the guy played Beethoven and Sid Vicious. Range anyone?

Taxi- the original French one. If you have not yet seen this you are truly missing out. Especially if you like cars. Cool ass cars.

Millers Crossing-First of all it is Coen Brothers so that alone should sell you but also has bar-none the best quotable lines like: "Take your flunky and dangle."

Ghost Dog- Director/Writer Jim Jarmusch is definitely not for everyone but if you like RZA the soundtrack alone will blow your mind and the movie is damn cool.

Down By Law-Another Jarmusch masterpiece- Tom Waits and Roberto Benigni in one of the funniest films I have ever seen.

Rushmore-Wes Anderson is also hit or miss with most people but if you want something different, sweet and funny check it out!

Sexy Beast- Great gangster flick- Ben Kingsley most intimidating tiny gangster.

Top Gun- I'm sorry I have to include it on every list. Know it by heart- I used to want to fly fighter jets and did 3 years of Air Cadets. Also my cousin is a pilot and sent me THIS which you really have to check out.

Feel free to add to the list!!! And now time to get back to sports.

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Julien G said...

Hey Andie!
Love the blog and your opinions, keep them coming!

As for movies, I have kind of adopted that mindset of watching "must-see" movies rather than blockbuster money-making pieces of "&?*&@ (film). So of course, classic 80's movies do ring a bell but more 70's movies for me please!

In parallel to Jim Jarmusch, I've recently watched "Mystery Train" which I've enjoyed thoroughly.

I've been meaning to dig through the Coen Bros. catalogue and "Barton Fink" & "Miller's Crossing" are next on my list.

As for Wes Anderson, I've only seen "Bottle Rocket" a few months ago. I wanted to see "The Darjeeling Limited" but failed to during its theatre run.

Good recommandations, you have quite a taste I might say!